Welcome to the work of Hilary Adele Smith, photographer and artist. Please browse through various categories to get a feel for the breadth of Hilary's work, and style. Hopefully you'll find something you like.

Wedding Portfolio

Creating photographic memories

Welcome to the weddings section of my portfolio. Here you will find representative photos of my wedding work, showing the diverse events I have been lucky enough to observe, and record. What is unifying in all this diversity is that I simply try to record, not create, a moment, so that I record the vision of the bride and groom. This involves capturing a lot of moments that the bride and groom may not be present for, or may not have planned, but are glad to have a visual memory of, nonetheless. I am not so "hands off" as not to want to organize family group photos, because I know how important it can be later on to have Aunt Josephine in there. But I try not to make it too painful. Enjoy.


A collection of various portraits from the portfolio

Capturing Individuality

Fine Art Photographs

Works for the wall

Beautiful black and white and color pictures that you would want to put on your wall.

Commerical Portfolio

Lighting products to show off their best aspects

Photographs that show off Hilary's commercial work.

Editorial Work

Published work, travel photography, people, it's all here

From published work, to work on the road, this is where you'll find a lot of random stuff.