Welcome to the weddings section of my portfolio. Here you will find representative photos of my wedding work, showing the diverse events I have been lucky enough to observe, and record. What is unifying in all this diversity is that I simply try to record, not create, a moment, so that I record the vision of the bride and groom. This involves capturing a lot of moments that the bride and groom may not be present for, or may not have planned, but are glad to have a visual memory of, nonetheless. I am not so "hands off" as not to want to organize family group photos, because I know how important it can be later on to have Aunt Josephine in there. But I try not to make it too painful. Enjoy.

Engagement Photos

Capturing the early energy

Beautiful engagement photos to capture the early moments

Formal Wedding Portraits

Photos for a Lifetime

Photographs of your wedding that will last a lifetime

The Ceremony

Capturing the fleeting moments

Capturing those fleeting moments of a most important event


The fun part

And now the fun begins